The nail shop has marked their name in the nails industry since the year 2002 by Lim Wee Nee and was first used as a brand for nail salon and spa franchising. Since then, it has been used as a corporate brand to represent the company with its quality products and services. Lim is an award winning nail artist and salon owner whose salon has been recognized as one of the top nail salons in the country. She is recognized as one of the leading nail art technology authorities in Malaysia and teaches extensively throughout Malaysia, Korea and China, conducting workshops and seminars. Currently she is the President for the Malaysian Practitioner Association of Cosmetology (MPAC). Furthermore Lim is also the first person who launched Medical Pedicure in Malaysia, and until now it is a very high demand service and has treated many patients suffering from all kind of foot and nail disease. As the franchisor and founder of the nail shop, she has created a large client following through her dedication over the years.

Since opening, The Nail Shop’s aim has always been to provide high quality treatment and exceptional services for all their customers.  The Nail Shop have grouped a team of talented nail technicians, top notch equipments, invigorating treatments, quality products and a variety of specialized nails services in a comfortable setting. The Nail Shop is committed to keep their status ‘Green Certified Salon’ by ensuring the environment of the salon is clean, so that they can pamper their customers in style.

The Nail Shop maintains their strict hygiene quality control by using international hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize and disinfect their tools, floor, wall, the whirlpool and the table tops. Each and every equipment has its own disinfection which has been imported all the way from Germany to make sure that the customer enjoys a safe and hygiene service.

 The products that are used in the shop contain no harsh chemicals. The nail shop stands up to their prestige service by ensuring non-formaldehyde nail polishes to be applied to their customers. The product is also safe for pregnant ladies and cancer recovering patients. The Nail Shop practices safe and proper products and chemicals disposable procedures. Both her manicure and pedicure (Baehr & Pedibaehr) and nail extension (Bella Forma & Bella Finto) products uses bio-degradable packaging which are eco-friendly.