Company Profile

In 2002 with the establishment of Kobonos Sdn Bhd, the era of one of the most successful Nail business started, followed closely by the opening of “a state of art” Institute of Cosmetology in 2004. Having the best products and most qualified technician it was in 2007, the very first The Nail Shop was opened in The Curve.

The Nail Shop is proud to have introduced and follows the highest hygiene standard possible with German knowhow and products as we are determined to keep our clients safe.  Therefore, we are also a proud distributor for Baehr, Germany, One of the best.   Baehr products are safe to use for all of our clients from the age of 6 to 99.  With Baehr we are fulfilling all of our clients’ needs from a relaxing Spa pedicure to one of a kind Medi-Pedi.


Brief Description of The Nail Shop services and products

Since the first The Nail Shop opened in 2007, our highest priority is client servicing as all of our services are individually tailored to the clients needs. The Nail Shop is proud to be able to use safe and environmental-friendly products. Our products are perfect for the sensitive skin for nourishing and supple. Contact us for appointment now or walk-in to get your personal consultation.